VPN over LTE works but not over WLAN Hotspot

  • If i use my phones (Android) LTE connection OpenVPN works and is connecting to my home network.
    But if i'm connected to WLAN it does not connect.
    I tried it here at the gas station and a cafe.

    The IP of my cable modem is (i can't change this).
    Home network:
    OpenVPN Tunnel:


  • Sorry, I do not have a solution. I do have a similar problem. I decided to tag along to see if someone can help.

    Whenever I use my Verizon phone's data plan, not wifi, I can not connect my phone to my home LAN using OpenVPN. The phone passes through fine, making all connections look as if they came from my home network. No LAN connections. OpenVPN over wifi works fine.

    Connecting as a hotspot work the same. The phone can not connect to the home LAN. Fortunately, all devices connected to the hotspot work well using OpenVPN if the phone is using the Verizon network so this is only a minor problem, overall, when on the road.

    Any solutions?

  • @coffeecup25 So if i understand you correct its the other way around?

    After 4 days in Austria and some hotel WLAN it did work there.
    I wonder then why it does not work here at the gas station and at the cafe.
    Can they block VPN? That would be stupid...

  • @MrGlasspoole

    Blocking various services happens all the time. At the local libraries and rec centres, they only allow web access. You can't even use a regular email client, let alone a VPN. So, the various establishments can do whatever they want, when they allow you to use their network.

  • @MrGlasspoole
    Yes, I guess it is blocked in these networks.

    You may setup your OpenVPN server to listen on port 443 TCP to avoid blocking.
    However, TCP has a worse performance than UDP. So you may also run two servers as I do. One is listening on 1194 UDP, the other is listening on 587 TCP, thinking port 587 is mostly allowed, since it is used on some mail servers.

    Then you can configure your client to connect to the second server if the primary isn't reachable.

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