Freeradius Max-All-Session

  • Can pfsense captive portal support freeradius Max-All-Session attr? TQ

  • You can do it by running
    sysctl net.inet.ip.pfil.inbound="ipfw,pf"
    sysctl net.inet.ip.pfil.outbound="ipfw,pf"

    Then add rules on the Firewall->Rules  that limit the sessions of users to wanted limits by using "Simultaneous client connection limit" under Advanced options of rules.

  • first of all thanks ermal for the kind reply.
    i've been successfully able to accomplish what i want to do.
    For the sake of pfsense community, i want to share with you guys here.

    Actually, what i want to do is using captive-portal with freeradius attr, Max-All-Session with sql database (freeradius server is on another box). So, that i can generate prepaid account with time limit (eg: 5 hours of usage) which the account will be automatically expired/rejected when the limit is exceeded.

    It seems that my problem lies in config file of freeradius. I need to add some line for noresetcounter. In freeradius version 2.0, the setting to be enable is at ../modules/counter ;to enable noresetcounter, add a line under instantiate to enable noresetcounter in radiusd.conf, and a line to enable noresetcounterin /site-enable/default under authorize. I installed freeradius with -mysql support.

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