OpenVPN Client able to reach PFSense but unable to to reach Local Network Devices under it

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    Good Day! I have openvpn in pfsense and perfectly working the openvpn client can connect with pfsense, local router and switch under it, suddenly I'm not able to access the Local routers and Switch under pfsense but the thing is I can Access and Ping Local Address of the PFSense or its webgui locally thru openvpn, but suddenly I can't connect in local routers and switches under Pfsense. I checked the Firewall rules and nat the configuration is still the same when the day that it is working fine, what I did next is I restored the pfsense backup config that I have when the time that it is working fine, but the result is still the same. Please help me thank you!

  • What is the clients local network range?
    What is the remote network range?
    What is the VPN tunnel network?
    Is the pfSense running the VPN server the default gateway in the remote network?
    Post the clients routing table.

  • @viragomann thanks for your response

    1. The Clients Local Network are
    2. Remote network is
    3. the tunnel network is
    4. No there is no gateway as default

  • @techsovereignty
    The remote devices need to use pfSense as default gateway to access them from the VPN client.
    If there is no option to set a gateway you have to nat the packets to these devices to the pfSense local IP.

    You're only talking about the router and the switch. I think, there will be other devices, which you're capable to access?

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