Can't See printers inside VLAN

  • Hi Everybody!!!

    I'm new with pfsense, and i need a help. I got a VLAN (192.XXX....) with a wireless router, and i seted up 2 printers on this router. But by LAN ( i can't see this router or this printers.

    I created a rule any to any on LAN net and VLAN net. I can ping a machine connected on this VLAN, but i can't see this USB printers coneected on Wireless Router on this VLAN.

    PS: I turned the Wireless Router off, but i still not seen the Router or the shared printers.

    Thanks Everyone!!!

  • Since they are on separate subnets - VLAN and LAN, you most likely have to use the exact IP address of the printer(s) in your computer settings on the LAN network. What you are seeing is the device "discovery" failing to cross over to the VLAN - this is by design.

    It has been said here many times, to make it easy for you, put the devices you access the most, in this case the printers, in the SAME subnet.