Site to Site OpenVPN, RDP times out after 20-30 seconds

  • Office: Netgate SG-4860

    LAN Network:
    Tunnel Network:

    Warehouse: Netgate SG-1100

    LAN Network:
    Tunnel Network:

    Office VPN Server: Netgate SG-4860
    OpenVPN on port 1195 - AES-256-CBC/SHA256
    Peer to Peer (Shared Key)
    tun - Layer 3 Tunnel Mode

    Warehouse client computes on can access office resources perfectly fine and visa versa.

    The VPN tunnel has been established for a few days now without issue, copying large files over the VPN via SMB seems fine.

    The problem:

    If I remote desktop in to a computer on the warehouse network from the office network RDP will work fine for maybe 20-30 seconds, then the remote session will freeze, before RDP disconnect and reconnects straight away, then 20-30 seconds later the same will happen.

    I’m a bit lost as to what might be the issue here. I did see a suggestion to packet sniff with Wireshark, around the time the RDP connection has issues I see various TCP retransmission events in Wireshark.


    In the screenshot example is the computer on the office network i’m running Wireshark on, when connected to on the warehouse network via RDP.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • LAYER 8

    Spurious retransmission is sometimes an indication of packet loss

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Can you please show all your OpenVPN settings?


  • Thank you for the replies, please find a full screenshot of the settings for both below.

    Office VPN Server: Settings.jpg?dl=0

    Warehouse VPN Client: Settings.jpg?dl=0

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Disable NCP for both sites, GCM is not working with Shared Key anyway.
    Disable Hardware Crypto for both.
    I'd also check the Logs, interesting is
    Status > System Logs > System > General
    Status > System Logs > System > Gateway
    Status > System Logs > OpenVPN
    for both Firewalls as soon as the RDP problem happens.

    For gateway monitoring you should have set an external monitor IP in System > Routing > Gateways > Edit Your IPv4 Gateway.


  • Thank you for the reply Rico, i've made the suggested changes. Everything seems ok so far.

    I appreciate the advice.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Glad you have it working now.


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