Simple rule allowing for one port is blocked

  • I have a few simple rules set up currently. To simplify lets say one of them gives access to webserver on port :80 to machine A. Now I made another rule that allows :14008 to machine B. Those rules are crafted the same way: any source IP and port, TCP and proper destination IP and port. Other setting are at their defaults. And now the rules for machine A works as intended (four of them actually) but this one rule for machine B ends up being block by default deny rule (Default deny rule IPv4 (1000000103)) and I don't know why. I tried troubleshooting options from docs but without luck. I'm pretty sure I did something dumb and just don't see it so if could steer me into the light I would be grateful. :D

  • Hi,

    Just to asure you : the final default deny all rule applies when there are no preceding matching rules.

    The issue is : the rule you crafted doesn't match.
    If it concerns IPv4, and you used the NAT (PAT) rule GUI, you saw that a NAT rule is actually '2' things. The NAT rule itself, and a WAN type firewall rule.
    These two have to be synced. Delete them all, and re do them if needed.

    Check out the NAT trouble shooter.

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