Max-Daily-Session not working

  • Hello.

    What is the way to implement the Max-Daily-Session?

    I followed the topic
    However, even with the instructions, the rule does not apply.

    I have this example of a user, registered on MySQL, Session-Timeout and Idle-Timeout are working perfectly, only Max-Daily-Session is not.

    962     USER     Session-Timeout :=      10800
    963     USER     Idle-Timeout    :=      600
    964    USER     Max-Daily-Session       :=      600

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I followed the topic

    I applied the patch @viktor_g proposed.
    Restarted FreeRadius.
    In the GUI I entered a 2 minutes max daily session time.


    I logged in using this user.
    I was thrown of the portal after 2 minutes with this message in the log and my device's screen :

    Your maximum daily usage time has been reached

    I remove the 2 minutes sessions time out in the GUI.

    Because user 'x' already has 2 minutes used today (Daily !) is set up a 10 minutes time in SQL radcheck table :


    ( I also could delete all users's 'x' session info for today from the radacct table. )

    After 10 minutes (600 seconds) I was thrown of the portal again :


    => actually close to 8 minutes = my initial 2 minutes already used and another 8 minutes to complete the 10 minutes.

    And again, not possible to login again.
    Note : I didn't tested if I could login again tomorrow ;)

    So, for me it works. The patch seems fine to me.
    You did something I didn't do, or you didn't do something I did.
    What as it ?

  • Hello.

    Thanks for listening.

    Would you mind sending me the files you edited? Just to compare, because here, unfortunately it doesn't work.


  • edit : see below - bottom - 0.15.7_17 includes this edit.

    See here (do not post it here) your /usr/local/pkg/ file.

    Just search


    and add there :


    just before the line with


    Save, stop FreeRadius, start FreeRadius and again, keep in mind settings are thrown away if you upgrade the FreeRadius package.
    But re editing (if needed) is so easy ....

    edit :

    I just upgraded FreeRadius to 0.15.7_17 and this edit (patch) is now included.

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