PFSENSE Beta, no longer combining multiple WANs from a single host

  • I'm going to have to do a clean install to make sure this is an issue w/ the Pfense Beta release.

    I've got 2 WANs.

    WAN1 500mbit up/down
    WAN2 250mbit up/down

    I've got them setup in a Gateway group with WAN1 with a weight of 2.

    I use to be able to go to and get 750mbit up and down all day long.

    Ever since upgrading to the beta release, browsers and hosts only use 1 WAN.

    Weird part, even when I change the LAN firewall rule to only exit 1 WAN (instead of the gateway group), the browsers or hosts will ignore whatever LAN rule is setup in PFSENSE and exit whatever WAN it previously had a connection through until the browser cache is cleared. When I disable the other WAN trying to force a connection through the gateway setup in the LAN rule, the browser will hang for ~20-30 seconds before exiting the WAN matching the firewall rule. Happens across Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Something fishy is going on...

    Got a feeling uncle Sam is tried of tracking people across multiple WANs and needed an easy way to keep people on 1 connection.

    I'll report back after I do a clean install.

  • reverted back to 2.4.5 and it's working as expected now.

    WANs are combining speeds, and changing the LAN rule for the gateway and the browser is following with every refresh w/out having to clear cache.

    Did you guys get some NSA spys coding on 2.5 beta edition? lol

  • Netgate Administrator

    This was working with a previous 2.5 snapshot? Do know which one was definitely working?


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