Remove OpenVPN decryption password prompt?

  • I have a situation where Pfsense stops to ask OpenVPN decryption password on console at each start.

    OpenVPN is used by workstations to remotely connect to the inside network, and that works just fine as long as the password is entered.

    I have tried looking but have not found how to disable that question, as it is a bit annoying to have to do that from the console every startup.

    I am sure that it is a simple thing, but have just not managed to find how to do it.

    Can anyone point me to where to look for a solution?

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    So you have an OpenVPN client configured in pfSense and it is asking for password at the local console for each boot up?
    Did you enter the password here in the OpenVPN client configuration?



  • I have the OpenVPN server configured on the pfSense with clients on remote workstations.

    I did check the clients entry though and there is and old entry but and the password fields are empty on that as the other end did not require such.

    I did remove it and will reboot the pfsense later tonight after the users no longer use connections for the day and seeing if it helps as that client connection is no longer needed.

  • Thank you, It was indeed the unneeded client that was asking for the password.

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