will pfblocker block junkmail in emails from websites

  • hi i curious pfblocker blocks adds... but will it also stop junk mail
    i been using amazon a bit and now in my email i been getting amazon phising saying my account on hold for my order like 30 min after i ordered.. i virus scanned computer i on no virus.. but is it an ad they causing this.. is there a blocker other then choosing in hotmail to sent to junk
    but is there any proactive measures i can set in the firewall.. or nothing you can do to really stop things

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    pfBlockerNG has nothing to do at all with your E-Mail. It either blocks access based on IP lists you select/include and/or blocks access based on DNS blocklists or categories you select. Both have nothing to do with your webmail/E-Mail at provider XY.

  • @JeGr ok thank you i was just wondering.. if it could or not..

    and is it possible to block this from happening.. you use like amazon then i get an email from spam site.. is there another app for pfsense or is there a program for windows

    or is it just something we all have to live with...

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    As you write about Hotmail, there's nothing pfSense could do to influence mail handling. I don't assume you got scam mails because you were surfing on amazon. That would mostly be a weird coincidence, otherwise you'd have to check your devices leaking info about you. But Spam/Scam Mails have to be filtered best on the provider side not yours to be effective. So nah, I don't think there's something on pfSense that would help against scam mails in hotmail. Other then training your spamfilter or your providers spamfiltering.

  • @JeGr ok thanks ya i made sure malewarebytes was upto date and microsoft antivirus scanner.. its just weird i ordered on amazon then i got 30 min later saying ym order was on hold and you need to check your credit card and of course email address isnt from amazon or if it is an amazon email the link you click on isnt amazon..
    so its getting more trouble some these days.. but ok i figured id ask if it was possible.. keep doing what i doing n make sure its spam or not myself..

    thank you for your help (:

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