OpenVPN Getting Blocked by FW

  • I'm having a weird issue and I don't know if it's an OpenVPN question or maybe a firewall question. Figured I would start here.

    I have an OpenVPN Client running on my firewall with the provider being PIA. I have a vlan configured so all the traffic on the machines on that vlan get routed through the openvpn client. Everything works; web browsing works, I can ping, I get an IP from the PIA provider on that vlan.

    Here's the odd thing. In my firewall logs, I see blocks:

    Interface: WAN
    Rule: Default deny rule IPv4
    Source IP: <pia server IP>:1198
    Destination IP: <wan ip>:54155
    Protocol: UDP

    In the firewall logs, it looks like it's denying part of the connection, but yet I see nothing in the OpenVPN Logs and things look like they're working.

    Should I create a rule on the WAN interface that looks like the following?

    Interface: WAN
    Source IP: *
    Src Port: 1198
    Dest IP: WAN IP
    Dest Port: *
    Protocol: UDP

    I'm not sure if I should do that, or if the blocking is just normal because it's UDP traffic. Or maybe I don't have a NAT rule setup right? Thanks in advanced!

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