Single Host being blocked by pFBlockerNG

  • I am running pfBlockerNG ver. 2.1.4_22 on pFsense ver. 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1

    I have a single Windows 10 host on the network that cannot resolve FQDN entries using nslookup, server IP address I have a firewall rule in place, to force ALL hosts on the network to use the pFsense router only for their DNS lookups. I can perform nslookup’s on all other hosts except for one at IP address

    I created a custom rule, under firewall rules, to allow the blocked host to use a custom DNS at IP address instead of the local pfSense DNS at IP address, now the client can resolve FQDN entries using nslookup. Where can I look too see why this one host cannot resolve FQDN using the local pFsense DNS? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I'm curious on how you determined that pfBlockerNG is the root cause of the issue?

    If I were troubleshooting, I would create a firewall rule:
    Source =*
    Destination = *:53
    Enable logging and move it to the top of the rules for that interface and see what it captures.

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