TNSR on Hardware

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    Hi all,

    quick question: as TNSR is supported on the SG-5100 which essentially is a C3xxx Atom - will/would it also run on the predecessor chipset family (like the old C2758 boxes XG-2758 etc.)?

    I have an appliance here for testing that is a C2558 otherwise being relatively similar to the old XG-2758 boxes (only 4 instead of 8 cores) that I'd love to test with. Would that run OK or are there more CPU requirements or things like QuickAssist too old etc. that would get in the way?


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    It runs on c2k systems, though we have not tested it as thoroughly on that hardware.

    Some of those have a quirk where the CPU needs a nudge to run at full throttle but that's at the OS level not specific to TNSR.

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    then I tink I have a testcase I can run in addition to installing it in a VM to play around with :)

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    @JeGr My edge device on the 10G is currently an XG-2758. Utilizing one of the igb ports for host management and the two ix ports for outside/inside.vlan.

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