Wifi hotspot while connected to CP

  • Hi Team

    how do we disable sharing internet when connected to CP? basically when user is connected to captive portal, he can share the connection via opening his mobile hostpot. is there a way to prevent this on pfsense?

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    @chanrio13 hi,

    no, there is no way to prevent such thing

    however, for information it is usually not possible to have both wifi & wifi hotspot enabled on smartphones.

  • @free4 I believe this is correct but upon testing to newer phones I cant believe it actually worked...

  • If the phone has two wifi NIC's, then yes, it could be possible.
    One radio NIC would be set up as a AP - and the other one as a classic Wifi client, connected to the CP.
    I'm not aware such a phone exists.

    A (portable) PC is often equipped with a Wifi NIC and a wired NIC - and the OS permits to 'share' a connection on 'the other NIC', the PC behaves as a router.

    Remember : you are connected to your ISP using a router. They can't do nothing to enforce that just one device behind your router can use Internet.
    So can't you.

  • @free4 some model of Android phones such as Huawei allow you to configure your phone as a hotspot router while connected to another hotspot router with a simple click of button.