Advanced Domain/DNS Blocking Scenario

  • Hello Everyone and thank you for all your support!
    I have a particular scenario for which I am struggling to find the correct solution.
    I have various local subnets (10.a.a.0/24, 10.b.b.0/24, 10.c.c.0/24, etc.).
    For one of them, and even more granularly for some users, I wish to block certain URLs and categories for specific time frames. Specifically, I do not want three devices in subnet 10.c.c.0, like 10.c.c.101, 10.c.c.102, & 10.c.c.103, to access YouTube, certain shopping sites (like amazon) and certain gaming sites for particular scheduled hours, say 8-5.
    I have Aliases created for all devices and networks.
    I have tried various manual firewall rules. I have tried host aliases for things like youtube and googlevideo and amazon, but these fail. Either they block more than intended (google search engine gets blocked), or things do not get blocked ( is in the host alias list, but is not blocked at all). I have tried many things, but am missing how this is best achieved.
    I very much would appreciate some pointers and a bit of a walk-through for this scenario.
    Best Regards,