Vpn connection with (Multiple server locations)

  • Hello to everyone and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.

    The situation is i have a fully operational connection to my provider slickvpn but i get disconected from there server after about 3 days its time is random.

    i have to then go into my pfsense router and edit the server location and reconnect to a different location rinse repeat.

    I have added the below to the advanced tab.
    remote server1.domain
    remote server2.domain
    remote server3.domain
    Despite the above it will only connect to the server in the top SERVER LOCATION tab as if its not reading the added server locations in advanced.

    thanks anyone.

  • The remote command requires this.

    remote 443;
    Where is the vpn address or host name
    443 is the port they use

  • That got it thank you very much bcruze i disconected and left it for a few mins reconected and it changed from luxemberg to london.

    I made an assumption that the port specified in the standard options auto applied to the servers in the advanced tab.