Error when adding network range to Firewall Alias

  • When I try to add a new firewall alias as a network range, it looks like it is going to translate my range to separate entries when I hit the save key, but it does not populate the IP addresses, I get the following.

    pfSense Firewall Ranger Error.PNG

    Am I entering things correctly here, I have tried as many different entries as I can think of ?

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Use Type > Network(s) if you want to add a network.


  • I will have a play, but its asking for a class, so not sure what to do there.

    When I try and enter hosts, it does say in the "hint" that its allowed as per:

    Enter as many hosts as desired. Hosts must be specified by their IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN). FQDN hostnames are periodically re-resolved and updated. If multiple IPs are returned by a DNS query, all are used. An IP range such as or a small subnet such as may also be entered and a list of individual IP addresses will be generated.

  • I just saw this

    Seems like you can enter a range