VPN Tunnel between remote site

  • I have an OpenVPN setup between our main office and a remote location. Occasionally, I have to go into the main server's OpenVPN server and "save" the settings or go through the status, and restart. This occurs at random times, and has been happening about once a week where something gets "lost". I don't change any of the settings, but simply open the dialog, and "save". Not sure if it's a memory issue, or where to start looking.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ok, I have some more information on this. We have a backup internet, where our internet provider has a "cellular" backup that if our internet goes down, it switches to "cellular". Well, our static IP doesn't work on the backup, so I have a routing setup so that if the main internet goes down, it begins to route traffic through the backup (with a dynamic IP). It appears that after all is back (and so far these outages are barely 15 min in time at night), when everything goes back to normal operation mode, the VPN doesn't re-establish connection properly and has the "outage" until I hit the "save" button on the VPN page.
    Not sure where to go from here, I could be way off base here, but it appears to fit the facts right now. Let me know what I can provide to assist.

  • Failover.PNG

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