OpenVPN With MFA and FreeRadius

  • Hello,

    The project would be to put an OpenVPN connection with double authentication.

    The existing:
    I have a box with the latest version of Pfsense, a test server in 2012 R2 (Ad + radius).

    What I have done :
    I installed the app on Pfsense from FreeRadius.
    If I test Radius authentication from the pfsense it works. I configured the LDAP connection in the FreeRadius part but no possibility of doing a test.

    My question
    I am looking for how to get my users (those of my AD) up in the FreeRadius. I saw that I can do the creation of local users, but no track for the configuration of my AD users. I would like to point out that the OpenVpn connection (excluding mfa) with Radius authentication works.

    Thank you

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