Restoring backup leaves openvpn not working?

  • Hi,

    I'm setting up new hardware for pfsense and was hoping to be able to restore my setup to the new machine. I have 2 openvpn servers in the backup. One is a 2way bridge and another is a standard port for remote users.

    My openvpn has been up for many years on pfsense. And after restoring, I noticed in the current docs there are instructions to create new interfaces (each with a new default pass rule) for each vpn server. So after restoring I did that, and followed the docs regarding resaving the openvpn connection to reset it.

    Unfortunately everything I've tried doesn't help. Maybe I should just start from scratch and create new shared keys etc. for everyone. I was hopeful but now I've got so much testing time in it I'm not sure the restore will ever save me time.

    Is there something I'm missing in the restore process that is preventing openvpn from working?


  • Hi,

    Some testing is needed.

    Like :
    The WAN interface used by the OpenVPN server is still valid ?
    Is it listing on that NIC ? The port is ok ?
    There is a WAN firewall rule ?
    Put a switch on the WAN side, hook a PC into it, and hit the WAN pfSense IP direct : does it work ?
    Is the upstream router set up correctly ? New device means often : new WAN IP, so upstream NATting will/can change.

    Does the OpenVPN server starts ?
    What do the OpenVPN server logs say ?

    When you see auth problems, certs etc should be checked.
    Logs will tell a lot, of course.

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