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  • Today I received a new piece of hardware that I’m trying to get working. The manufacture requires a check outbound to Google of and Pf blocker blocks the connection and the device won’t work. Once I turn off pfblocker the device works. I clicked on the red “x” in the Pf blocker error window that corresponds to the IP of the device trying to reach I grabbed a screen shot of the error. I believe the Pfblocker needs to add an exception to their “firewall” I think. Do you know how to add this exception? Please easy step by step instructions since I am a novice at this.

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  • Hi,

    The firewall logs what happens, as a part of pfBlockerNG-devel is just some firewall rules, loaded with a whole lot of aliases.

    You should make the exception in pfBLockerNG-devel, not creating an firewall / exception pass rule yourself, as it could be placed after the firewall rule that blocks, etc.

    Go to Firewall > pfBlockerNG > Reports ( == Alerts) page, look up the hit, and whitelist from there, so that pfBlockerNG can exclude that IP from one of it's feeds.
    See the Netgate's pfBlockerNG video for more (all) the details.

    Btw : you chose a feeds that include ....

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  • @Rico Thanks. was saying to myself : saw a comparable question a couple of days ago ... wasn't sure.

  • Thanks guys this appears to be working.

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