Lua scripts in HAProxy - help!

  • I'm attempting to install Authelia, hopefully leave ADFS behind, but it requires a few of Lua scripts which I found already but I keep getting a notice they aren't there.

    I don't know if Im putting in the wrong names or if I actually have to put the config the will call them: lua-load <path>, or if it there is really missing one like it says in the warning.

    But, errors appears as soon as I add scripts despite not having adding any config in the global or frontend sections, it suggests pfSense's implementation of HAProxy calls them automatically, and very confusing/contradictory.

    When I'm snooping around dev circles, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java (🤢)… are names I see thrown around more often, all the Cs with older bigger systems, but Lua…nope, only next to HAProxy. I don't suppose it really comes with pfSense as that other docu says, does it??

    I took a few screenshots of the errors:
    Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 23.58.50.png

    Is the JSON Lua library in pfSense for real?


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