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  • Is there a method to get pfSense to query the URL alias and reload the changes at an intervall? I have an external public list with IPs I want to be read and activated for instance every hour or so. It is working with the external URL and the list is grabbed into pfSense for each time I manually Save the url, but it isn't very practical to have to log into fw, find alias list, save it and push Reload for each time a single new IP appear in the list.

  • Get cron package if you haven't already.

    You will find this etry:

    Modify it to fit your needs.

  • Perfect, thanks :)

  • I ran this command manually from shell, but it didn't do anything (beside taking a minute to complete). I can see that the URL I have added under alias isn't called :(

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    Your talking about aliases right - they default to resolving every 5 minutes (300 seconds)

    Or are you talking about something in pfblocker?

    In the advanced, firewall & nat tab you can change the default


    Or your talking about the specific url table where you point to some specific file that contains stuff vs resolving a fqdn in aliases?

  • This one:

    On that website, there is only plain ipv4 IP-addresses (4 of them only for now). When I click Save, it connects to that URL (I can see from the remote website that it calls it when I manually push Save and then Publish) - and everything works then (on manual mode).

    So it doesn't need to resolve anything. I would like to have the automatic cron run the same that happens when I click Save/Publish if possible..

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    Yeah that would be that cron linked too then.

  • Yeah, I remember. The update frequency for url tables is hardcoded to one day in pfSense. If the file isn't older then set there rc.update_urltables does nothing.

    Modified that years ago in addition to the cron job. Found no other way to shorten the update interval.

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    Good point.. So even if run url table every hour, still won't update since the stamp on the file is less than day old?

  • Made that experience with 2.2.4 - 2.2.6.

  • So I'm out of luck? Or do I need to find this update frequency?

  • @fireix
    As mentioned, it‘s hardcoded in a script. You may change the value. I wrote down, how to do that somewhere, i can look for it if you need it. But consider that an pfSense upgrade will overwrite the setting and you will have to edit the script again.

  • Hello!

    Maybe try :

    /etc/rc.update_urltables now forceupdate

    This should update all url alias tables regardless of age.

    Or do a :

    touch -t 0000000000 /var/db/aliastables/myaliastable.txt

    and then let the normal update happen to target just the one table.


  • Hello!

    Actually, i dont think what I posted will work for your alias. You are using an alias type of "URL(IPs)". The scripts I mention only operate on the "URL TABLE (IPs)" type. Maybe you can use the URL TABLES, in which case you can also do:

    /etc/rc.update_urltables now forceupdate myaliastable

    to update a single alias table.


  • Hello!

    There appears to be a separate system for updating aliases with the "URL(IPs)" type. It runs off of minicron. You can see it at :

    ps -aux | grep minicron

    The update script is at /etc/rc.update_alias_url_data

    For some reason, minicron runs it through fcgicli. You can try running the rc.update_url_data script directly. YMMV


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