Ntop-ng memory high memory usage and unable to kill process.

  • Hi we have an XG-1537 and an enterprise support contract. The guys at Netgate have not been very helpful with this issue. Ntop-ng after running for about a week goes crazy and eats up all the RAM, causing the system to start swapping to disk and eventually crash. When ntop-ng goes crazy I can't stop the service from the WebGUI nor can I kill the process from the shell. The only way to recover the system is to reboot. There is nothing obvious in the syslog. Thoughts?

  • @0daymaster I had this same problem (that is not a solution, but I did have this problem). I installed 4.0 and have not had this problem (but may have others). I was running on AMD/Protectli hardware.

  • i re-installed this recently on my J1900 and have this problem as well. after 3-4 days, the var/db directory is using almost all the memory allocated to /var. e.g 70%. another day or two after that and the system becomes non-functional and has to be restarted which fixes the issue.

    Prior to re-installing, i could run for months with less than 30% ram used.

    Now i remember, this is why i uninstalled the package in the first place.

  • i have disabled ntopng and am back down to a stable 22% of the available /var space allocated for days already. It seems ntopng does not set a limit on the data size collected. Is there a manual way to set a limit in a config file?

  • @gwaitsi no one knows how to limit the space used, or to clear data automatically after some period, etc? Alternatively, i am use the RAM for /var & /tmp option. is it possible to change the directory used, so it doesn't use ram?

    I would like to re-enable if possible