Cannot get DNS to work Through OpenVPN

  • Hi Forum
    I have an issue regarding getting my DNS working through OpenVPN
    I'm about to make a hudge change switching to a new Network - build with PFsense

    I would like to have my Hostname able to ping through my VPN
    I have my setup for now - That I'm able to connect through the VPN and ping the IP of the printers
    But I would like to be able to ping the Hostname ( Of printers) But Cannot make this work

    I've Enabled DNS settings for the VPN Server
    Provide a DNS server list to clients. Addresses may be IPv4 or IPv6.

    But I'm not getting the wanted DNS request - Nothing answer on the hostname - but the IP ping

    How can I make this work otherwise - I'ts important that I can get DNS request from the Hostname

  • Do the clients have the route to the DNS servers?

    What exactly do you get when doing nslookup?

    Do get resolved public hostnames?

  • I have had the same issue i think.
    My Roadwarriors couldn't use the OVPN interface for DNS lokup.

    I cheated and gave my pihole as DNS instead.

    But i have a feeling it might be something w. Unbound and acceslists (for the RoadWarroir Client networks).

    I'll be following this one


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