OSPFv3 + Areas

  • Hi,
    is there any possibility to use more than Backbone Area for OSPFv3/IPv6 in pfSense?
    I tried to find a solution but cant find it.
    Thanks for your help.


  • Yes you can do that. The Gui isnt very helpfull for ospfv3. Lots of fields are too small. You would like to use a "raw" configuration, with extented configurations. Be aware, that the current implemention of osfp / ospfv3 within pfsense has lots of drawbacks and isnt very well integrated.

  • Thanks for your reply!
    Then i want to try it! I dont tested it because the frr documentation said that there is no implementation of different Areas.

    You said that there are many drawbacks if i use pfSense with OSPF? What would you recommend to use instead?

    Thank you!

  • FRR has some outdated documention, ospfv3 with areas should work. Alternative solutions are depending on your environment and size of your networks. Its all about static vs dynamic routes. If you dont have lots of routes (eg. less then 50) ospfv3 isnt worth the efforts and time. If you are dealing with more routes, you have usually dedicated routers in place, which can handle ospfv3 very well, in this case is no need for FRR on pfsense.

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