TNSR BGP table capacity

  • Has anyone here run TNSR as a border edge router to an ISP? To replace the typical edge Cisco or Juniper box is where I'm headed with this.

    I read that TNSR has the performance capacity for speed, but there's no mention of route table capacity.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Dependent on RAM. There are people running multiple full ISP feeds. Can always try it using the Home+Lab version.

  • Are there any case studies that can be shared with customers? I work for a vendor, and one thing that our portfolio lacks is the internet border device. I'm hoping that this could be positioned for those customers that need this so I don't have go positioning Cisco or Juniper as they're competitors..

    Right now when I look on the website, I don't see much about scale when it comes to BGP, or defined use-cases.. If there are some, please let me know where and I'll be happy to take a look..

    I've always looked at TNSR with admiration, but haven't been able to test it out until because of the purchasing requirements.. I think you guys are really onto something here with this.

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