(newbie) Help adding a pf table

  • I can't seem to figure out basic functionality in pf, such as adding a table and a custom block rule.  I know this must be easy to do (because it's easy in pf, and pfSense makes pf easier), but I can't seem to find the option or place in the GUI to enter tables or free-form rules.  I'm looking to add large numbers of block rules.  For instance, blocking all of .cn takes about 855 rules, and obviously entering each one into the GUI form would be … non productive).

    All I'm asking for is where to find the page in the GUI or where the pf.conf file resides  (I looked in the normal places (/etc, /usr/local/etc)) or a link to some documentation that explains the basics of adding tables in pfSense.  I tried to look at the man pages, but 'man' doesn't seem to be installed.  I tried to do a 'find / -name pf.conf -print' but that didn't work either, and locate isn't installed....

    FYI, here are my simple rules I'm trying to add, "/etc/blacklist" is a list of ip addresses/CIDR mask.

    table <blacklist> persist file "/etc/blacklist"
    block in on xl0 from <blacklist> to any</blacklist></blacklist>

    I'm sorry to bug the list about something so simple, but I just can't find the option/page/.conf file.

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