ACLs' precedence

  • Which way directives take precedence when they conflict on different sections, e.g;

    • If there's a http-response set-header Cache-Control must-revalidate rule on a front end.
    • For 1-2 backends this is not desired, instead http-response set-header Cache-Control "public, max-age" or some other header would fit best, so,
    • It's added on the backend.

    This wouldn't work would it? What layer has higher precedence using http-response directives? I'm trying to picture it so I can understand it better but every time I start reading I quickly get sidetracked into the http-request directive and others completely unrelated, I forget what I was doing and I don't even notice until hours later when I close enough tabs to land on the HAProxy unfinished config again. 🤕

    I'm avoiding creating another frontend but it seems that I'll have no option.

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