Internet Dropouts

  • Hello Gentle folks.

    I’m having a problem. I think it may be signal related, but I’m not entire sure.
    Here’s the essential problem: I randomly stop connecting to the internet over my WAN (wireless).

    My pf sense computer is on my veranda – it gets WIFI from a neighbor. And shares It over a switch inside.
    This problem disappeared recently, but now it has come back.

    I DON’T loose connection to the router – the interface screen in pf sense shows that I’m associated whenever these internet dropouts happen, AND, it continues to show the GATEWAY / ISP DNS servers, as well as transfer rate (11MPBS, which is its max).

    When I was using windoze, with my current antenna setup, I would get 1-2 signal bars. Usually 2, but if not I would have 1 JUST EDGING towards 2, almost there –if you get what I mean.

    The RRD quality graph is currently showing some packet loss. I realize that this COULD be the problem, however, because in times past, when things were working better, I DIDN’T note the signal loss, I have nothing to compare, and thusly cannot conclude that these packet drops are the cause of my problem.

    Please assist.
    I’ll provide any information necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

  • It seems that my questions/problems on here tent to be of the unanswerable breed..

    anywho - i've noticed that the above problem always coincides with something. And that is; OUT errors.

    whenever there's one of those, the internet drops out, and I have to release / renew once more ,to connect any program.

    Any Ideas anyone?

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