Connection limit not working?

  • Simultaneous client connection limit = 50
    protocol = any
    utorrent = 75 connections (can be any value)

    netsat -s in xp running torrent = 75 connections (not limited to 50 ?)

    limiting states working ok

    How can I limit connections ???

  • I think that you need a block rule beneath that rule that matches the same criteria. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong, but once the connection limit is reached, the packets aren't necessarily dropped, they just don't match that rule anymore and they continue on to the next rule.

  • next rule contains another ip address - another client
    so "default deny" rule should be executed

  • Well if there are any rules below it that would allow it out, then they would apply first. (Like the default LAN allow rule.)

    A quick way to test would be to put a block right beneath it with the same source IP and turn on logging to see if it is blocking.

    p.s. if you are limiting the clients to the same number of connections, one rule would cover that. simultaneous client connection is per source IP. So a rule with a 50 simultaneous limit from any source would allow 50 connections from each client.

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