Cannot connect to MSN?

  • Hey there,

    i have little trouble using pfsense 1.2.2 : i cannot connect MSN!

    My setup is like this : Internet–Router---Pfsense---wificlient

    With a previous setup : Internet-Router-Pfsense-Monowall-Wificlient  i was able to go MSN ; i decided to get rid of monowall and use only pfsense : i now have trouble connecting to msn... the setup is really easy : DHCP client on Wan, Fixed IP + Dhcp server on Lan... squid+squidguard activated... and i don't know why i can't get MSN to work.. i have a specific error 80070193.

    What should i try to get this work? I tried putting a static route, enabling Upnp....

  • Ok, it's IMspector which blocks my msn connexion… but how? with the previous setup, imspector was running fine... now as soon as i activate it, impossible to login to msn, neither to log the conversations on msn... is the package still working?

    How do i reset totally the Imspector config?

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