Can I bridge a trunk (all VLANs) if I bridge their parent interface?

  • That's pretty much it or in other words: is tagged traffic passed, discarded or does is have to be done at the subinterface level?

    Thanks :)

  • [follow up]
    If trunks are joinable at the parent/top level, would they still be available for defining them as (sub)interfaces?

    Say; I joined interface vmx0 with 8 VLANs in it with interface vmx1 going into another router/switch/anything. If vmx0.4 and vmx0.6 are defined (or br0.4 and br0.6, I guess) would they have issues or would they still work fine for whatever they're used., DHCP is a topic I saw a lot here today. 🤓

  • I found a workaround and I don't need to do this anymore, I'm still doing a link/trunkofsorts between two devices but now it's a transit network, not a dozen bridged broadcast software! Can you imagine the CPU from that--gawdd.

    Still, if you're feeling charitable and could confirm if a parent can be bridged without filtering its children just for my curiosity, that'd be awesome.

    No keyboard necessary, I'll help you help me, copy/paste checkmark [ ✔︎ ] for "yes they can be bridged alright, shut up already." Cross. ..mark? [ ✘ ] for no, it's per 1 bridge per VLAN (or mixed VLANs in 1 collision domain)

    🤓 🔪 The Emoji panel should have network equipment like Visio. Maybe if I say it enough it happens--anybody know blackmagic, not the brand. 😂