Slow local HAProxy performance on proxmox VM

  • For a long time I've run pfsense on bare metal and it's been flawless routing my 1Gbps internet connection, and all my devices/services. On this bare metal setup when I accessed my nextcloud instance locally via haproxy ( I would get full 1Gbps speeds (>80MBps). After virtualising pfsense and restoring the config backup, I am always limited to 30MBps when going through haproxy, no matter what I try. If I access it via local IP I get >80MBps, but going via haproxy

    I've allocated 4 cores, 4gb ram to the pfsense VM. I followed netgate documentation for installing pfsense on proxmox, including disabling hardware checksum offload. Config otherwise is identical to the old setup. Also to note I use pureNAT with both 1:1 NAT reflection and automatic outbound NAT for reflection on. Though I've experimented turning these off/on to no effect.

    It's important to note I have no other issues whatsoever with my VM, I get full gigabit internet speeds to all devices, can move things around over the network at full speeds. The only issue I have is poor performance accessing my nextcloud via https haproxy.

    My only thought possibly is needing to change an offloading setting on physical NIC on the proxmox host using ethtool? But I don't know.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated as I regularly download large files from my nextcloud instance. Sorry if I have left out any critical information, I can provide anything you need.