No internet access after new default route

  • Hello,

    At one of our campuses, we use pfSense as a wireless access controller, DHCP server and firewall between the wireless network and the internet. When somone tries to access the network via wirelss device, pfSense captive portal uses an external radius server to authenticate them, assigns an ip address and again, acts as a firewall. This particular campus previously accessed the internet accross the WAN through another campuses connection but we recently provided this campus with it's own 50MB internet pipe. The topology is: interenet connection - firewall - 3750 switch - pfSense - Wirless Access Point.
    When we changed the default route on the 3750 to the new firewall all other networks on this campus have no problem accessing the internet, but the wireless cannot. Traffic appears to making it out, but not back to the wireless network and we believe we've tracked it down to pfSense but cannot determine what we need to change. Any suggestions?