How to do the library installation to run NMAP

  • I'm trying to install a lib to run NMAP and scan some IPs.

    I used the specific NMAP interface, but the amount of commands is limited, so I'm trying to use the PFSense command interface to run NMAP.

    When I execute the NMAP command I get this message:

    Shared object "" not found, required by "nmap"

    I tried to use the normal NMAP interface, but not features like SYN scans, without ICMP. For example, use the command:

    nohup nmap -sS -sV -Pn -p1-65535 -iL list.txt &


    nmap -sS -sV -Pn -p1-65535 -iL list.txt

    Could someone please help me solve this problem?

    Thank you.