• i've been using pfsense for a long time and preferred this distribution in different networks. but i always come across with the same problem in everywhere i set it up.
    pfsense bridge is using the internet through dsl router.i open some ports at internal network with NAT protocol but the directions i had opened in a day are closed.
    .and it seems closed when i wanted to set up external telnet connection.the situation is the same when i also wanted to set up the telnet connection from different ip addresses and differend networks.
    .and not only that port but also the other ports which i set up NAT is closed. when i set up telnet connection through internal network it's working properly.but i need to restart the firewall.i thought that some services can handle it.
    i closed the services that i suspected and the problem is still on the same attachment so i'll send you my configuration dossier.is there anyone who faces this problem also?