• I have been asking/trying to facilitate a new gateway monitor for a few years. I know there are a few other vendor solutions that do HTTP/DNS...etc...but pfSense still relies on good old ping, and some command line scripts that some folks made up.

    I am going to start working on it, but I need help. I have programming experience with the most recent in python.

    I have learned from trying to fix something in Filer that the git is based like so:

    I have experience with git too. I do not want to do all this work, and then not have it be a part of pfsense/packages.

    Do I pull pfsense, add pfSense-pkg-webdawgwan (whatever), and start coding, and then just push pull requests?

    Is there a style doc?


    Also based on what I want to do...what language should I use? I want to to a bunch of different I start by editing another package? Can someone with some pfSense experience suggest a development path that I can start on?

  • No one can give me any help here? This thread is over 30 days old?

  • There has to be someone in these forums that could say something like:

    Someone would have to build a plugin in C, or python, w/ a php interfaces that would:

    intercept dpinger notifications, do its own style of notifications, and send messages to X Y and Z api calls to tell the router what is going on with each interface.

    Or this is impossible, there is no way to get in the middle of this.

    Can't someone who knows how this works just reply so I could get a start on this? I just want to know that it is possible, before I shift directions to it. I dont know how much is hardcoded into the way pfsense works.

  • @webdawg I am begging someone who develops to take just a few mins and respond to this.