Using Cable Modem IP

  • I have a /29 allocation from Comcast, configured as follows, 1 IP for the cable modem, connected to pfSense, with 1 IP asigned to WAN, and 4 IPs available via Proxy ARP VIPs.

    Obviously, all generic outbound traffic is NATed from the WANIP. However, with servers here, it would be fantastic if I could somehow use the Cablemodem IP (as it is 'unused'), either forwarding pre-written packets to it, or allowing it to do the NAT beyond the firewall… so I can better use the other addresses (I realize that I'm not 'gaining' any addresses, just rewriting - currently, I port translate a server on the WAN IP, but don't necessarily want that to be the 'generic 'client' IP' for outbound NAT traffic.

    Probably not possible... but worth asking... :)

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