• Skills, Knowledge & Experience

    • Working knowledge of modern computer systems and applications.

    • Experience with network administration (specifications, installation,
      configuration, testing of equipment, components, ability to monitor and enhance
      the network performance (availability, utilisation).

    • Experience of supporting Windows and Linux Servers running varying

    • Thorough knowledge of scripting languages, primarily PowerShell.

    • Installation and configuration of firewalls & switches from brands such as
      Sophos, pfSense or Cisco.

    • Virtualisation environments (VMWare and Hyper-V).


    • Deploying Azure Resources utilising ARM templates as part of the release

    • Creating ARM templates.

    • Experience of utilising a ticket system to track projects and BAU tasks.

    • Experience of working with Jenkins and Azure DevOps.

    • Experience of working with Octopus Deploy.

    • Experience of working with Docker and Ansible

    • Project planning using Microsoft Project.

    • Management of cloud services and resources (Microsoft Azure and Office 365).

    For application or more information please email us: lisa @ jobtensor .com

  • That has to be a really nice salary

  • @bingo600
    I'd take the job, but I really need a nap around 11. And 3.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    That somehow reads to me as "jack of all trades" that does the job of 2-3 people to save money.

    Let them do: firewalling and networking (with different brands), administering a virtual environment or TWO (totally different ones). Then let them be coding folks in Windows scripting (urks) and let them not only be a network engineer but a system administrator to pat windows and linux systems both.
    Throw in some MS Cloud tech, ARM knowledge, DevOps stuff (because buzzword bingo) and let's just do the complete MS stack from local to cloud and back.

    How that translates to "pfSense (spelled it right for you!) systems administrator" I don't know. I also don't know what systems administration has to do with network/security/firewall engineering position. Sorry but this kind of glorious "job offers" make me cranky. If your position is named "firewall/network engineer with pfSense focus" (pfSense systems admin sounds real strange) then I expect it to be mainly that job as an applicant. And not "run our MS stack from here to the Azure cloud and back, do some ARM magic on the way and ... oh yeah, we have a firewall with pfSense, you can do that, too, right?". 🙄

  • @jegr
    I believe this to be an HR/management strategy to get the candidate to accept lower wages, because it's unlikely any applicant will have the full catalog of skills required ("Well, I guess we'll give you a chance, but...").

    Looks like they want Helpdesk, Buyer, Multi- OS Sysadmin, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Virtual Environment Implementation and Management...

    And Spellchecker!

    Hey, that's what I do at my house! :)

    Or maybe, with so many disparate systems, they just fall for every sales pitch the IT Director gets?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Looks like spam to me. Spelled both pfSense and administrator wrong.....

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    @stephenw10 said in pfSence SYSTEMS ADMINISTRAOR:

    Looks like spam to me. Spelled both pfSense and administrator wrong.....

    that was my second guess ;)