Different settings available using different browsers

  • Okay, this one really got me stumped. I keep thinking I've screwed something up, and maybe I have, but can anyone verify this?

    • Using firefox for linux pc - pfsense - openvpn - clients -- open settings for any client - go to ping settings - (4 settings available)

    • Use firefox on Android - same thing as above - (7 settings available)

    It's the same thing for all of my clients, the last three settings just aren't there. This is driving me nuts, maybe it has something to do with some plugins on my pc? I tried changing user-agent on pc to android firefox but still no extra options available. Tried reducing the browser window size to force that theme changes to mobile view, but no joy... I'm currently using pfsense-beta theme, but checked the main pfsense theme and it's the same.

    This is making me wonder if other settings in different places have been hidden all this time I've been using pfsense 😲

    Firefox on PC


    Firefox Android


  • @simpletechguy Looking in the browser dev tools on my desktop, it appears that there are three settings using the "form-group hidden" class. Not sure why they're hidden, but it may be that for whatever reason, the Android Firefox browser doesn't support whatever means is being used to hide them on the desktop.

    I'm using Edge Chromium on my desktop, and unfortunately don't have an Android device to test with.

  • @virgiliomi great find, I never would have thought to look there.. It's good to know they are specifically hidden, maybe they have potential to cause some problems in those settings not worth messing with.

  • I'm thinking that since they were just hidden, they've probably been forgotten about (out of sight, out of mind)... but someone should probably clean them up at some point. Either that or they're settings that need to be set for the OpenVPN config file, but they shouldn't be changed from their defaults, so they just decided to hide them so they're still set, just can't be changed (on most browsers).