(Resolved)Cannot remove or update squidGuard under 2.4.5_p1 after upgrade

  • Hello guys.

    I upgrade 1 system that was running pfsense 2.4.5, I upgrade to 2.4.5_p1, no problem.
    This system runs Squid+SG, PfBlockerNG-devel, apcupsd, bandwidthd.

    I start the update of each package, the last one was SG which until now I cannot update or remove.


    I had reboot the system more than once but the same issue, is stuck there.

    Other services are running.


    Any tip or advised I will appreciated, thanks!!!

  • @periko fix the issue.

    Kill all the process first, letter stop squid, once I double check if pfsense won't show me any process related to squid or squidGuard, pfsense let me do the update.