IPSec tunnel issues with one way audio

  • Hi all,

    Having issues with one way audio through an IPSec tunnel.

    Site A (running PFSense) hosts the PBX, with the SIP trunks dialing in and out fine. I originally had an issue with one way audio, but fixed it with the NAT rules.

    Site B (running PFSense) is the remote site with softphones. The calls are connecting fine, but can only hear the participant at Site A. If there call is disconnected from Site A, it hangs up. But, if the softphone at site B hangs up, it won't disconnect properly.

    I have allowed all traffic through the tunnel. VNC and SMB shares all work fine, just not the audio!

    I'm going to guess that there is a NAT rule that I have missed.


  • Found the issue. Not PFSense but FreePBX.

    I didn't add site B's network to my asterisk settings. Incase anyone else has this issue!