Trouble adding host interfaces to TNSRs dataplane

  • Hi.

    I've gotten TNSR installed on a custom box with one realtek nic onboard and a broadcom dual port gigabit pcie card that I'm planning to use for my LAN->WAN traffic. When I installed CentOS/TNSR I didn't set up a management interface at least not for testing.

    I've followed the zero to ping guide up to the point of running

    1. "dataplane dpdk dev <my dev id> network name LAN"
    2. "dataplane dpdk dev <my dev id> network name WAN"
    3. "configuration candidate commit"
    4. "service dataplane restart"
    5. I type "exit"
    6. "show interface" doesn't show any output.

    It seems the broadcom gigabit nics are still in the host OS because when I run.
    "show host interface"
    all three interfaces appear in the commands output.

    Please note I did follow the steps to ensure they're disabled prior to trying to add them into TNSRs dataplane. I just don't quite understand why this is happening.

    I was wondering if it's simply because I'm using unsupported nics?

    Thank you for your time.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    @tman904 The short answer is probably "Use Intel NICs."

  • @derelict I will take your advice Derelict and swap out the Broadcom NICs for Intel ones but I am curious...

    dpdk states it does support broadcom NICs.

    Is the broadcom portion of dpdk not integrated into TNSR at the moment then? Regardless even though I haven't gotten it to work yet. I think it is a very great idea and good product.

    Maybe in a future release of TNSR you guys could modify dpdks code to return an error message when "dataplane dpdk dev <unsupported dev id> network name LAN"
    is used on an unsupported NIC. eg "This NIC is unsupported in TNSR <current version> at this time and support may improve in a future release" Or something similar.

    I do appreciate the fantastic work/support you and the staff at Netgate put into your products regardless of little here and there issues like this. I mean integrating all of the separate code bases into one to make TNSR operate at all is a huge undertaking. So thank you guys very much for taking on the challenge! I really believe Netgate may even lead the routing/security market if things keep progressing as they are at the moment.

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    @tman904 It supports some broadcom NICs. Many are unsupported.

  • @derelict Thanks.