Please help! Popups don't work

  • I found out that popups don't work in the webgui, doesnt matter which theme. I know that a loooong time ago (dont know when) I hadnt any popup, so for example in the package-manager, squid-config and others there was a normal Tabbing to get the other parts of configs.

    Now I need to change some things and I'm not able to do so. I tried any theme, but all are same. Is there any way to change that back? Say, get again tabs?
    Where and how can I change this? Any suggestions out there????

  • Are you talking about the dropdown menus?
    If you are, switch to the pfSense theme.

  • The drop down menu in squid seems to not work using IE8…firefox works fine. I believe this is what you are talking about. Changing theme also does not seem to make any diff.

  • In ie8 try tweaking compatibility view,

  • I tried that before and didn't work. I did try it again and it's still the same.