• Hi all,

    Firewall log shows there's blocking.
    Fw Log.png

    Says the rule that triggered the action is :
    @9 Default deny rule IPv4
    Trigger Rule.png

    I have no idea where to locate such rule, however I've tried:

    • Allow TCP/UDP ServerBT 1024:65535 to !RFC1918 any , at the top of floating rule OR
    • Disable PfB and DNSBL

    Above makes no difference.

    Below are my screenshots, any pointers?
    Thank you for your time in advance.

    Order of rules (simplified)

    1. Floating
    2. Interface Groups
    3. Interface

    Floating Rules

    Interface Group Rules
    Intranet Rule.png
    Interface Group Members
    Interface Group.png

    Interface Rules
    That's Allow TCP/UDP ( ServerBT) 1024:65535 to !RFC1918 any
    DMZ000 Rule.png
    PfB IPv4 Inbound Only
    Reload All after every related rule change
    PfB IPv4 Inbound.png

  • @ccieneverbe
    The "Default deny rule" is what its name imply, it's a default rule on all pfSense interfaces on the very last position, but it is not shown in the rule set.

    What is the state of the blocked packets? Often it are out of state packets, which are blocked by this rule.

  • @viragomann

    Thank you for your time!
    How does one find out the state of the blocked packets if PfSense? Where to click? (I don't know how, I am asking.)

    Having asking the above, your pointer did steer me towards solving the puzzle.

    Was in Aggressive mode

    Now switch back to default normal mode

    And what the Firewall log looks like now
    FW log after.png

    When in Aggressive mode, log would show multiple same dst:port being blocked in a row in a minute. And multiple IPs are getting blocked.
    The port number suggest those are trackers (6969 8888 7777 8080 80...etc).

    When in Normal mode, log would show mostly different IPs in each row, same IPs still appear, but further apart and happens a lot less say one log every 15 minutes.
    The port number (looks to me) are peers (18213 16881 22776 12530...etc).

    For now, I much prefer the look of the logs in Normal mode than in Aggressive mode.

    I would probably try conservative to see the difference.

    Thanks @viragomann

  • @ccieneverbe said in Allowed but blocked:

    How does one find out the state of the blocked packets if PfSense?

    You can see it on the packet flag in the log. The flag is shown in the very right column.

    A possible reason for out-of-state packets is an asymmetric routing. If that is the case, the firewall mode is not the right way to fight the problem. Normally in normal mode the state life time should be long enough for the most purposes.

  • @viragomann

    Found them and saw them, bunch of TCP:FA and TCP:FPA.

    From there led me to a similar post, then I did uncheck below box
    log packet from default rule.png

    And it's all gone.
    Fw log final.png

    Thanks for the tips @viragomann

    Now, on next: multi LAN, Pi-hole, Unbound

  • @ccieneverbe
    Disabling logging is not a real solution. You'd better solve your asymmetric routing issues.
    You have to find which traffic is affected. Seems to me like it are response packets, but without knowing, what kind of traffic it is and how your network is designed, it's a view in the crystal ball.

  • @viragomann

    Thanks for saying.

    I'll keep an eye on this.

    For now torrents are downloading. I was bothered by the FW log because it mentioned rule I failed to locate, making me belief actions were performed against my design.

    It's interesting of the perspective shifts, from looking to place tech at home capable of filtering traffics at best; to asking on forum why can't the tech just allow it all .