How to configure internet connection behind LAN interface?

  • Hi to all of you,

    To replace my router from my ISP I installed pfSense on an old PC.

    There is internet connection on the pfSense box (pc). Updates can be downloaded and installed.
    IPTV is OK with settopbox connected via ethernet to pfSense box.

    There is 'some' internet connection on the box connected to the LAN interface.

    What extra configurations do I have to do to make this work?

    Router can ping DNS server (OpenDNS). Router can't do DNS request (no server could be reached).
    Even PC connected to a next router can ping but no nslookup.

    Only a few firewall rules. Blocked on WAN (ssh/telnet/dbserver ports) and the others are pass rules to make it work so I thought. Also Outbound NAT rules on LAN subnets.

    Setup: Modem (bridged) - pfSense (3x nic wan/iptv/lan) - Router for lan.
    pfSense (2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT)

  • The issue is hardware related.
    An USB-Ethernet adapter is giving me trouble.

    Internet and IPTV are working after switching (not replacing) nics.
    WAN: Onboard (1Gbps)
    LAN: PCIe (1Gbps)
    STB: USB (100Mbps)