OpenVPN and setting default gateway on TAP client. (Network Location Awareness)

  • So I know the dirty work around.
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    macwheeler windows-10-office-365-cannot-connect-over-openvpn-fixed
    I know we're saying this is an MS issue. (they normally are ;)
    [](link url)
    But can I just ask if anyone has a way to just push a static gateway to the TAP adapter (as per the first link) as that would be quicker than any other solution I can immediately think of if possible (instead of the route push which doesn't work).
    As its been a year since that second post and it looks like MS isn't going to be fixing the issue with Network Location Awareness anytime soon.

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    PS Quite happy to raise a support ticket with MS and see if they have an solutions but I suspect it would be easier to ask here first.

  • @webstaff
    Google foo..
    Just pop this in Server custom options.

    push "route"

    Seems to do the job..
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