WEP mode not working anymore

  • I made an Upgrade to Firmware RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT-07-23-2006 as advised after a CPU-100% load Display-Issue (probably only the GUI was not correct, "top" showed around 5% load) and have now problems with the WIFI Access (i provide an internetaccess in our house for some neighbors) - this problem is that the users cannot connect to my WIFI Network anymore, they see the SSID, quality "very good" but if you try to connect - it times you out - connection does not establish - no IP via DHCP, nothing. The Settings under the OPT1 interface (Atheros Chipset Card) are the very same as before when WIFI was working under BETA4, also the Settings under DHCP are the very same as before - this sector rebuilt from scratch after the Upgrade.

    We use a 128bit WEP Encryption this did not change furthermore this was checked again at the Laptops for correctness (some have only WEP Capable PCMCIA Cards in their Laptops)

    -> downgraded now again to BETA 4 - et voilà - WIFI Access is OK again (but CPU in the GUI lies again steady 100% but thats no matter really, responsivity is good)… things that make me go "hmm..."  ???

  • I just tried WEP with the latest snapshot with an atheros card and I have to say it simply works. Please tell us what card you are using and your complete settings at the wireless interface page.

  • Thanks Hoba,

    i will setup this evening everything manually from scratch again - no restore of settings via XML-File but reconfigure everything via GUI. Then i can check the Box of the Netgear PCI Card what Type it exactly is - only know so far that it is an Atheros chipset (made sure when i bought it that it is Atheros based).

    Current Settings WLAN:

    Optional Intereface Configuration:

    • Enable Optional Interface 1 = on
    • Description = WLAN

    General Configuration:

    • Type = static
    • MAC = empty
    • MTU = empty

    IP Configuration:

    • Bridge with = none
    • IP Adress =
    • Gateway = empty

    FTP Helper:

    • FTP Helper = off

    Wireless Configuration:
    -Standard = 802.11g
    -Mode = Access Point
    -802.11g OFDM = off
    -intra BBS = off
    -enable WME = off
    -hide SSID = off
    -Transmit Power = 99
    -Channel = 11b/g - 6
    -Distance Setting = empty
    -WEP = on
    Key1 = 0x….

    DHCP Client Configuration:
    -Hostname = empty

    Current Settings DHCP Server on WLAN:
    -Enable DHCP Server on WLAN Interface = on
    -Deny unknown Clients = on
    -Range - 10 (only one address - others static)

    -> rest empty here - it follows below the static DHCP mapping:

    Menu Edit Static mapping:

    MAC Address: XX:XX….
    IP Address: (2 - 8 are configured this way)
    Description: Toms Thinkpad

  • One thing you can also try if it doesn't work out of the box is trying to reboot and test again.    My laptop at the hackathon refused to work until after the firewall was rebooted.  It worked fine for a XP box prior to the reboot, however.

  • Also try to see if "opensystem", "shared" or "both" makes a difference. This has to be configured correctly at all ends though the setting "both" should accept anything taht is set at the clients and thus should be most compatible.

  • Thanks Scott, thanks Hoba

    My WIFI PCI Card: Netgear WG311T (Atheros)

    What i did the last hour: first i upgraded from BETA4 again to RC2 by executing 'cvs_sync.sh releng_1 && shutdown -r now' via Putty…

    Then i followed the advise of Hoba to set the WEP Key to 'open' from shared - that did the trick! WIFI worked on the RC2! But much more Headache i earned as the internet was not accessible at all anymore - reloaded the pfsense, reloaded the Laptop - no chance, even via Ethernet i did not succeed anymore to access the www!

    Made a trace, stuck on the pfsense... strange that DNS resolving worked (checked interface status of WAN - released and renewed the IP of my Provider - no effect - no access; however... got rid again of the RC2 and changed to the 'RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT-07-23-2006' - the Trick with the 'open' WEP Key still worked and now the www was accessible again (settings never changed, they were always inherited obviously as i did firmware upgrades via GUI)

    So finally i'm glad that everything runs now, am wondering if the GUI shows me the next days again the CPU Load Bar fully up at 100% - even as 'top' says 5% ;-) - if so, i could live with that!

    Thanks Guys, i'm going now around to change the hosts config from 'shared' to 'open'  ;D

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