push route IP for website hosted at AWS

  • I have an OpenVPN split tunnel setup at my office to allow staff to VPN into the office. We have a website that is hosted on Amazon AWS servers that has its IP address changed from time to time. We have it secured in such a way that staff can only edit the website from our office's IP address to prevent people from other locations from trying to get into the website. So since I have a split tunnel VPN setup I can add Push Routes to the config to push the IP address of our website which allows staff to edit the website from home when then VPN in. The only problem is I have to keep adding new Push Route IPs every time Amazon changes our websites IP address. I'm looking for a better way to manage this. Can I push the websites URL/Name instead? Should push the whole block of Amazon IPs in of continually adding single IPs to the config? And if so how would I do that, what does the syntax look like?

    Any help is appreciated!